The goal of the landowners co-op is the perpetuation of wildlife on private land that is managed to the benefit of both the sportsman and the landowner. This is a private membership club that requires screening of all applicants prior to their acceptance. Emphasis is placed on outdoor enjoyment and game management through harvest. Members and employees have a common feeling of enjoyment of the great outdoors, the perpetuation of quality land, water and wildlife.



Obtaining leased access to private lands for members requires healthy trusting relationship with landowners. his land is his life, his home, his living and his place of business. If his land is not given proper care, he and his business will fail, as well as any other business lacking proper management. The landowners co-op manages and regulates the activity of sportsmen using leased access to private lands. the club will discuss with the landowner his needs and concerns; together they will determine the rules and regulations to be effected on his property. Each member will be made aware of these regulations and the club shall see they are adhered to. These rules may be changed or revised as the need arises. The club is totally flexible to the landowners needs.


After receiving clearance from the landowner or ranch manager, the landowners co-op will, at its own expense, post the property against trespass by unauthorized persons! Other informational and regulatory signs are utilized to manage the property with less confusion, i.e. unauthorized travel on closed roads, campsites and the use of other identified signs to better assist without interference with landowner operations.

Check in/out

All persons must check in before hunting and out before leaving the areas. This is for safety, messages, and any additional information to be passed for your benefit or enjoyment.


All harvests are to be reported as soon as convenient before leaving the area.


Any areas used by its members must be kept clean. Pack it in, pack it out.

Hunting Areas

As a member being fair to other members you may not hunt in areas no assigned to you to hunt. We have thousands of acres in which to hunt if you want to move to another area.


Safety is a key issue. Be aware of your surroundings and your capabilities at all times, in short, think before you act. Guests
All guests must be approved by club office and paid in advance for any services they are to receive.


  • Respect the property and its owners
  • Don’t leave fires unattended
  • Obey all state fish & game laws
  • Report any trespassing or offensive behavior to club personnel.
  • Leave gates the way you find them
  • Tread lightly, don’t tear up roads, fields, fences, or property

The rules of the club are simple but necessary. The pride we take in our heritage as well as this club is what we project to other people. Mutual respect and reciprocal trust is what makes any relationship understood. Any intentional disrespect to our sport or these rules will not be tolerated and disciplinary actions can be as severe as membership termination and forfeiture of monies paid.

Want to Join?
Download the application and email it to us at or mail it to us at
Landowners Hunting Club
4154 Lapwai Rd.
Lewiston ID 83501

Want to check for an opening? Not sure where you'll be hunting? Have any other questions?