Welcome to 2017, Changes in store…. It saddens me to tell everyone the Richardson ranch on the Gilbert grade has pulled out of the program, His retirement led to a new farmer that is complaining of crop damage and will be seeking a financial resolve with our local fish and game in damage control hunting and payments. On the High side we are currently in negotiations with several land owners for expansion properties in the tens of thousand of additional acres and will keep you all posted on our progress… Actually i am excited about this and what i see for this new year!

Wow…. What a winter!! Deep Deep snows combined with very cold temperatures leaves me at a bit of a loss of a solid forecast on up and coming populations/depredations and what to expect for 2017. I have not seen any issues as of yet in regards to population declines in any manner of birds or game but, …. You never know til spring breaks.

We have been booking a lot of bow hunters and new clients already this year for spring bear over bait, and big game this fall so we are solid in our resolve for continued growth.

First and foremost, it is time to plan your membership, hunts, and secure your space.  Membership Rates have not changed in several years, and are still as follows $200.00 for the big game members and $100.00 for the recreational and bird members. Due no later than January 31st. With hunt dues. due no later than June 30th of ea year.

It’s January 11, 2017 today and all is well, this winter is the harshest I can remember since 1998 with snow deeper than I have ever seen here with a 24 inch average on the properties and more up higher. though have seen no real issues in regards to die off or severe depredation. So….. Don’t worry yet!!

The Clubs waiting list is doing  wonders for the stability of the club. Though we do miss our “members at large. We do understand that life happens!!….  The waiting list is empty right now so if you have someone in mind that needs a hunt…send or bring them a long!

Updates are as follows…. We are booking for the current 2017 year!! with openings about every where for everything…. Exotics….Exotics are a year round event with many options to choose from and are great for new and youth hunters.

We have unlimited space available for archery hunters in all states, Washington 3 point or better whitetail or mule deer, also a lot of room for the archery and whitetail Rut hunts in Idaho

We are continuing to expand our waiting list to fill possible vacancies of paid members that can’t make their hunt. This is for financial stabilization as previously mentioned.

Also as a last reminder, please note that in units 8, 8a, 11a, (palouse zone) in Idaho, The 1st two weeks of the season have become premium hunts. With deer, elk, bear, Cougar and birds all being open at the same time with expanded opportunity’s therefore these hunts will be sold for $2500.00 per person as all big game memberships. These hunts are limited to 9 slots.

Also, in Idaho… all hunt slots are 7-10 days, though extra hunt days may be available upon request after your initial 7-10 days of hunting.

To clear confusion, this rule does not apply to Washington hunters that have a 9 day deer season.

Please stay in touch with this website ” landownershuntingclub.com ” so as to seethe current updates and pics of recent harvests.

Feel free to call anytime! or For questions Contact:

Brian Dunlap
844 Dogwood Lane
Lewiston ID 83501

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Download the application and email it to us at lchunts@gmail.com or mail it to us at
Landowners Hunting Club
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